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Belibu is the first website in Indonesia that offers Social Share Commerce services that support family-oriented needs, Entrepreneurs and SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises). Through Belibu, customers can safely search and buy products or services offered by SMEs or Entrepreneurs. To learn more, please visit us at



Beomee is a powerful application that functions as a personal chat answering and chat- commerce management system.  Currently available in Yahoo! Messenger, Beomee is expected to be widely used by business merchants and their customers to exchange information and to conduct business transactions.  For more info, please visit us at



Pistago is a mobile database application that enables data entry, edit, reporting and exchange between smartphone or mobile tablet with a centralized database system. Pistago is the best solution for businesses that have needs for information exchanges between field employees and corporate HQ. For more info, please visit us at



A simple to use and yet very powerful web-based point-of-sale (POS) for the retail and restaurant industries. Currently being incubated by Maetrika, JAGATOKO promises more than just a POS, it will also seamlessly handle inventory management and business intelligence. For more info, please visit us at


We have many other projects in the pipeline and some are going to be released shortly. Please check back with us again soon.